Huening Kai’s Interaction With TWICE Proves That TXT Are Actually The Most Thoughtful Juniors On The Planet

They have hearts of gold towards their sunbaes.

TWICE sat next to TXT at the M2 X Genie Music Awards (MGMA) which led to a couple heartwarming interactions between the two groups. From Soobin accidentally bumping into Dahyun and getting flustered to Huening Kai fixing a monitor for Jeongyeon, the night was filled with thoughtfulness towards the members of TWICE.

Huening Kai spotted Jeongyeon complaining about the angle of the moniter set in front of them during PENTAGON‘s stage and took the initiative to fix it.

Unfortunately he didn’t fix it right the first time, leading Jeongyeon to pretend cry, but he once he realized that the problem persisted he got back up and fixed it once more.

Jeongyeon clapped as Sana laughed & Mina looked at Huening Kai fondly for saving the day. Whoever said chivalry is dead, TXT says hello!