HuskyFox Shares In-Depth Details About BTS’s “LOVE YOURSELF” Designs

BTS’s album designers provide in-depth details about “Love Yourself”.

HuskyFox has shared in-depth details about BTS‘s LOVE YOURSELF album designs, including how all the albums are connected.


HuskyFox is a Grammy-nominated branding company that takes its name from the nicknames of its two founding members: ‘Siberian husky’ and ‘Fox’. They are the designers behind BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder, LOVE YOURSELF: Her, LOVE YOURSELF: Tear, and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer.

On their official website, HuskyFox calls the LOVE YOURSELF series a 4-step story that documents “the process of love and youth completed by self-love”.

Step 1 is “Crush”, the “curious and surprising step before love begins”. LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder is gray because it represents the “step before the emotion of love begins”. The series becomes more colorful as love grows stronger and more defined.

Step 2 is “Love”, the “step that makes it feel that love is all about life”. LOVE YOURSELF: Her is white because it represents the “step that falls into the feeling of love” when the “surroundings look bright and clear”. The first hints of color are seen here.


Step 3 is “Parting”, the “step of tearful parting as love leaves”. LOVE YOURSELF: Tear is the darkest “step” in the series. It is the “step that love is leaving, and the surrounds are dark and invisible due to the pain of parting”.  

Step 4 is “Self-Love”, the “step of self-love that has been developed by looking back on oneself after suffering”. After experiencing pain, it is a step of self reflection, and everything around is full of positive emotions,” the site states. The colors on this album cover are in full bloom because the heart is in full bloom too.

Each step is also represented by a floral line design that ties everything together. It starts with flower buds for LOVE YOURSELF: Wonder that bloom into the flowers for LOVE YOURSELF: Her. After most of the flower’s petals fall for LOVE YOURSELF: Tear, the remaining ones form the heart-shaped design for LOVE YOURSELF: Answer. 

Soon BTS will be starting a whole chapter with MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, and fans can’t wait to find out the story behind it.

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Source: HuskyFox