Just In Case You Need To See A Swole Man Dancing In A Silky Dress, Here’s Exactly That

100% the content you did not know you needed.

During his 2019 “Bon Voyage” tour around Korea, singer Hwang Chi Yeul put on one unforgettable show for his fans in Jeju!

Hwang Chi Yeul | @chiyeul7102/Instagram

Covering the iconic “Coming of Age Ceremony” by the OG K-Pop queen Park Ji Yoon…

Park Ji Yoon performing “Coming of Age Ceremony” in 2000. 

… Hwang Chi Yeul went all out. He dressed to impress in a red, silky two-piece…

… that highlighted his swole physique like never before! Gleaming with confidence — and nailing the moves while at it…

… Hwang Chi Yeul not only wowed the audience who got to see this live…

… but also the K-Pop fans in 2020 who did not know they needed this in their lives!

The comments ran wild with sheer satisfaction. Some are realizing what they didn’t know before…

  • “Um… So apparently, I’m into this visual.”
  • “LMAO, okay. Who knew I’d actually enjoy this so much?”
  • “Oh wow, he is swole.”
  • “I’m a sucker for muscular dancers though… Hwang Chi Yeul is my new bias.”
  • “Whoa, I held my breath watching this entire thing…”


… while others are praising his professionalism — for maintaining that godly physique AND showing it off with no hesitation:

  • “Everything aside, I’m actually whipped by the quality of this performance. He’s a great dancer!”
  • “He has a body built like a greek god’s. He must work out regularly. What a man!”
  • “Who knew Hwang Chi Yeul is such an amazing dancer though? I can’t stop watching this video because of the moves he pulls off.”
  • “Actually, this is — by far — the best ‘Coming of Age Ceremony’ cover done.”
  • “This is S-E-X-Y.”


Everyone is scolding(?) Hwang Chi Yeul fans for keeping this a secret until now!

| lovelyarin/YouTube
  • “Okay, but I have a friend who is a Hwang Chi Yeul stan. That b*tch has been keeping this from me all this time?”
  • “Why, oh why, did Hwang Chi Yeul fans not share this earlier!!!”
  • “So this was back in 2019… How am I going to make up for all the time that I didn’t have this in my life?”
  • “Hwang Chi Yeul fans are obviously greedy. I can’t believe they kept this gem of a video from all of us…!”
  • “I mean, it makes sense. I wouldn’t have wanted to share either. But d*mn you all!”


After all, what more could the world need right now than a swole man dancing in a silky dress?

Watch the full video here, available in 4K for very valid reasons obviously.

Source: THEQOO