Hyelim’s Parents Ask About Her Plans Regarding Children…This Is How She Responded

Hyelim’s parents were quite direct about the question.

Former Wonder Girls member Hyelim recently announced her marriage to athlete Shin Min Chul.

During an episode of Don’t Be Jealous, the couple paid a visit to Hyelim’s parent’s house.

Hyelim’s parents were curious about the timeline they were thinking of in terms of having children.

The two haven’t even thought about children yet, as the couple is currently focused on other things. The two believe that they’ll have children in a couple of years, as Hyelim is currently focused on graduating from university.

Hyelim and Shin Min Chul believe that it would be too difficult if they were to have children immediately after their wedding.

Hyelim also reveals that she was shocked once she heard her father asking such a direct question.

Yet, Hyelim was touched by the fact that they were having a serious talk with them.

Shin Min Chul felt a little pressured by the question, as he too was shocked by how upfront Hyelim’s father was.

Here is the full video below!