“Hyena” Actress Kim Hye Soo’s Kiss Scene With Actor Ju Ji Hoon Is The Steamiest You’ve Seen Yet

Now, THAT is a kiss.

In the latest episode of the new and rising K-Drama Hyena, actress Kim Hye Soo and actor Ju Ji Hoon got down to business…

… and by business, we mean this kind of business.

This passionate kiss scene quickly went viral…

… and the full video soared to the top of NAVER TV‘s “Top 100” most popular videos list, as soon as the episode aired!

The steaminess also shot the drama’s viewer ratings over 15%, at its highest yet of 15.4%.

K-Drama viewers have always known Ju Ji Hoon to be one heck of a kisser…

… but they are entirely whipped for his incredible chemistry with the older actress Kim Hye Soo!

Source: THEQOO and Star News

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