Hyolyn Answers Whether She Thinks SISTAR Could Have Existed Without Her

She has had the same answer for 12 years.

K-Pop superstar Hyolyn joined Eric Nam on the latest episode of his podcast, the Daebak Show, which aired on the DIVE Studios / 다이브 스튜디오 YouTube channel.

Hyolyn (left) and Eric Nam (right) | DIVE Studios / 다이브 스튜디오/YouTube

The pair had a great time updating each other on what they had been up to since they last saw each other and playing games.

One of the segments on the show was a simple true or false game in which Hyolyn had to wear adorable cat ears, which reacted differently based on her emotions. Eric hosted the game by attempting to get Hyolyn’s ears to respond with prompt cards.

Eric’s first statement was, “As main vocal Hyolyn, there would be no SISTAR today without me.

Without hesitation, Hyolyn said the statement was false! As a follow-up, Eric asked, “What would SISTAR be without Hyolyn?

For 12 years, I have had the same opinion about SISTAR, and I share this with my members, too...I always say that if the company and the four members didn’t meet, there wouldn’t be SISTAR.” Hyolyn said.

She went on to explain that if any single person had not been a part of making the group, SISTAR would never have existed. She credited the company with the group’s formation just as much as any of the members.

Despite her success with SISTAR and as a solo artist, Hyolyn still has a humble and grateful attitude toward all the people she’s worked with.

Watch the full episode of Daebak Show with Hyolyn hosted by Eric Nam below. The true or false game starts at the 13:10 mark.

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