Hyun Bin Touches Fans With an Emotional and Heartfelt Letter

He decided to chat with fans in the old-fashioned way.

Actor Hyun Bin recently wrote a sincere letter to fans through his agency, VAST Entertainment.

The heartfelt letter reads as follows:

My beloved fans! Hello, this is Hyun Bin.

Hellos are much needed these days. Are you all doing well?

As always, I’m spending my days filming my new project.

After contemplating how I can express my gratitude for the sincere feelings you sent me on set, I decided to pick up my pen.

I never forget it, and I feel like thanks to the support you give us, me and my staff are able to put in more effort on set. I’d like to sincerely thank you for that.

I will never forget that, and I will be sure to pay you back with a good project. Until the day we can comfortably ask how everbody’s doing with freedom, please stay healthy.

– Hyun Bin

Earlier this year, Hyun Bin took the world by storm with co-actress, Son Ye Jin in the popular drama, Crash Landing on You.

Following his great success and much love given by fans, there’s a lot of anticipation for what he’ll have to offer in his upcoming film, Bargaining.

Source: Dispatch