Hyun Bin Reveals Why He’s Always Wearing a Suit When Greeting Fans

Hyun Bin’s always in a suit.

With the growing popularity of Netflix’s Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin has been a hot topic of conversation in online communities.

As a result, Hyun Bin’s past interview regarding his manners when greeting fans in formal settings has resurfaced.

Back in 2018, Hyun Bin spoke in an interview with a media outlet where he explained why wears a suit every time he sets out to greet fans.

During that time, Hyun Bin drew quite the attention by appearing in a clean suit for appearances for the films The Negotiation and Rampant.

Regarding this habit, Hyun Bin explained that he always wore a suit for the public and his fans.

I do that in order to keep the promise I made with the public.

– Hyun Bin

Unlike the many actors who often appear in front of the camera in more casual wear, Hyun Bin has always been spotted in a suit in order to show his respect to the public.

Regarding Hyun Bin’s consistently clean suit appearance, fans are responding with comments such as “That’s crazy“, “Even his heart is good-looking“, and “That’s Hyun Bin”.

Check out some more photos of Hyun Bin in a suit below:

Source: Insight