Hyuna Burst Into Tears As Soon As This Idol Appeared On “The Unit”

HyunA burst into tears on KBS’s The Unit when JOO auditioned on the show.

JOO is a ballad singer and one of Hyuna’s closest childhood friend since their trainee days in JYP.

“When I first started training, I wanted to become an idol.

I was preparing to debut as one, but I ended up debuting as a ballad singer.

I always had the thought of being an idol in the back of my mind.

I was first hesitant on coming on the show because I thought the general public would be a little reluctant to see me as an idol.

A lot of people are probably wondering, ‘Why is a ballad singer here?’

But I feel like if I don’t try now, there won’t be any other chance.”


She had trained to debut as a member of Wonder Girls, alongside Hyuna.

“Hyuna and I were trained together for Wonder Girls.

I would see Wonder Girls and sometimes think, ‘How would it have been if I was there?'”

— Joo

Hyuna burst into tears as she recalled back on their training days, and how much time has changed since then.

“JOO and I used to talk about our dreams together since we were in elementary school.

We would ride the subway to JYP together every day.”

— Hyuna

JOO performed a beautiful rendition of Min Hye Kyung’s “Miss your face” and moved on to the next round by receiving the all six votes from the judges.

“I thought it was a good stage for you and everyone else who need a second chance.

I saw how happy you looked as soon as the music started.”

— HyunA

San E also praised her courage, expressing his own issues with staying motivated.

“I have been very cowardly and timid on many things lately.

When I saw your bravery on the stage today, it really inspired me.

Thank you for that.”

— San E

Fans also praised her for her courage and celebrated Hyuna and JOO’s reunion.

Viewers can’t wait to see how JOO and Hyuna’s friendship will shine throughout the show.