HyunA Bursts Into Tears After She Performed Her Comeback Stage

We missed you a lot, HyunA!

After a long time away from the limelight, and a roller coaster ride, HyunA finally made her comeback. And her fans couldn’t be more excited!

Many fans have been patiently waiting for her and likewise, she has been working hard to make her return sooner. The stage missed her a lot too, for sure!

She made her comeback last November 5 with the single “FLOWER SHOWER” marking her first release under her new label, P. Nation.

HyunA performed at her comeback showcase as part of her promotions and couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with all the emotions, especially after not having been on stage for a while.

She ended up crying because her emotions were too much to handle! Some of her team mates also teared up because of the emotional atmosphere!

HyunA said she missed the stage a lot, and cried because she was able to perform on it again.

Her team mates even teased her and said that she might cry after every performance she does to lighten up the mood, and it worked, because HyunA laughed because of it!

Watch HyunA’s latest single here: