The Time In HyunA’s Career When She Made The Most Money

“I am super thankful.”

Singers like Sandara Park (also known as Dara) often leave everyone stunned by their wealth as the richest K-Pop idols in the industry. Now HyunA has done the same by revealing details of her own income.

HyunA | @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Because HyunA has been in the entertainment industry for seventeen years, Kim Jaejoong asked the singer which time in her long career did she consider her peak.

HyunA confessed, “I’m satisfied every year.” There was a particular reason why.

HyunA has reached the point in her career where she “keeps getting commercials,” which comes with a very desirable perk.

All of those commercials equaled big payments. HyunA revealed, “I’m earning more money now than before. I am super thankful.” Kim Jaejoong even pointed out that “shooting many commercials shows how popular you are.

Despite her health issues, HyunA’s consistent hard work continues to pay off. Fans no longer have to worry about the singer spending too much money on her gifts to them.

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Even after seventeen years, HyunA still hasn’t reached the peak of her career and is making more money now than ever before.