Hyuna Responds to Fans’ Worry That She Spends Too Much Money on Their Luxurious Gifts

Hyuna has been handing out Yves Saint Laurent products and Starbucks gift cards to fans.

Hyuna recently gained overwhelming attention for the luxurious gifts she handed out to fans that came to see her show, and some fans even worried that she might have spent too much money.

Most recently, Hyuna handed out Starbucks gift cards to fans that waited for her show, along with a handwritten message that read, “It’s cold. Go inside somewhere and stay warm.

And ahead of this generous gift, Hyuna handed out luxurious Yves Saint Laurent products, t-shirts, and blankets, along with the message, “I missed you a lot. I’ll work harder from now on. Let’s see each other more often.

Hyuna Handed out Designer Gifts to Fans Who Came out to Her Show

As a result, online communities have been stirring with topics regarding “Hyuna’s generous gifts“, and fans have also been expressing worry that she might be straining her finances for fans.

But through a fan’s video, Hyuna explained why she spent so money on her fans.

Well, I make a lot of money. Later on, when I don’t make as much money, I can’t do these things for you. I can only do these things for you when I make money. You won’t get much for me later on.

– Hyuna

In response, fans are touched as they’re leaving comments such as “Hyuna is so cool“, “I hope only Hyuna’s loyal fans get the gifts“, and “I’m impressed. She has such a big heart“.

Source: Dispatch