Hyuna Handed out Designer Gifts to Fans Who Came out to Her Show

The luxurious gifts also came with a handwritten letter from Hyuna herself.

Hyuna recently made her first comeback in 2 years with “Flower Shower”, and she expressed her gratitude to fans that waited outside M Countdown with a very luxurious gift.

The gift she handed out to fans included various Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic products, as well as a handwritten letter on a sticker and a photo blanket.


Idols are often known for showing their gratitude to fans with all sorts of creative gifts, but Hyuna appears to have taken it to the next level with something a little more close to heart.

I missed you lots. I’ll work hard from now on. Let’s see each other more often.

– Hyuna


Not only are the Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic products expensive, but they’re also a brand that Hyuna is known to enjoy herself.


After receiving the thoughtful and pricy gift, fans expressed their gratitude by sharing photos of it on social media.


Other fans who saw what the dedicated fans received from Hyuna at M Countdown responded with comments such as “Wow, the level of her gifts…“, “Hyuna has such a kind heart“, and “Fans who received that won’t forget it for as long as they live“.

Source: Insight