Dawn Posts an Emotional Video of Hyuna and Their New Adopted Puppy

Hyuna couldn’t stop crying.

Dawn recently announced the new addition to their family with a video captioned, “Stay healthy.

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The video shows Hyuna crying while hugging the new puppy.

When Hyuna called the puppy pitiful, Dawn asked why to which Hyuna replied, “I’m just so touched. We should’ve brought him home earlier.

In response, Dawn responded, “We’ll just have to raise him well from now on. He’s our baby now” before turning off the camera.

Dawn even added the comment, “Instead of buying dogs, adopt them, everyone” and promoted the practice of animal adoption.

And when a fan asked if they brought an abandoned dog home, Dawn confirmed that they indeed did.

Seeing from the expression on Hyuna’s face, the new puppy found himself a very loving home.


Source: Dispatch