HyunA And Dawn Met A Fortune Teller Who Revealed They Were Destined To Be Together

They are perfect for each other.

Singers HyunA and Dawn appeared on SBS’s My Little Old Boy as special MCs and revealed a bit more about their relationship.

After being asked if they had ever done fortune telling for fun, HyunA revealed a fun story.

We go to the fortune teller once every few years for fun. The fortune teller told us that because we broke up in our past lives, we are able to meet again in this life.

⁠— HyunA

Dawn also revealed what kind of people they were in their past lives, giving viewers a good laugh.

What’s funny is that in our past lives, HyunA was a general and I was a famous geisha. They said that I was like a flower blooming on a wall.

⁠— Dawn

They also gave their opinions on the expiration date for love

I don’t think there is one. There is only today. It is important to love the most every day and to love like it is your last. These are just my thoughts; Dawn might have different opinions on this.

⁠— HyunA

| @hyunah_aa/Instagram

Dawn felt that the expiration of love happens when the relationship is over.

I think there is an expiration date for the thrill and not love. You can feel the thrill with anyone, with the person you met before or the person you meet next. I don’t have an expiration date. I think the love expires when the relationship ends. When the thrill wears off, you may get hurt and fight, but if you have the desire to be with this person, then there is no such thing as the end

⁠— Dawn

The couple publicly announced that they were dating in 2018 and are now currently both signed to P Nation.

Source: mbn