Hyuna Reveals the Next Luxurious Gift She Wants to Give to Fans

Hyuna truly has a heart of gold.

Hyuna recently appeared on the radio show, Cultwo Show, where she talked about the luxurious gifts she’s been giving her fans.

Ahead of the show, Hyuna drew overwhelming attention by gifting her fans with Starbucks gift cards, Yves Saint Laurent makeup products, as well as blankets, shirts, and personal messages.

Regarding the gifts, Hyuna explained why she wanted to give out each one.

Since I’m a model for the makeup brand, I thought it’d be nice to use the products together. And I was worried about my fans waiting out in the cold, so I decided to make blankets as well.

– Hyuna

When Hyuna was asked what kind of food she would like to gift her fans with, she picked ribeye.

I grew up receiving a lot of love, so I wanted to give back one day. I pick ribeye because I want to recharge my fans and slice it up for them myself. I have to buy it for everyone. I can’t leave anyone out.

– Hyuna

Whether Hyuna actually goes through with it or not, it’s really the thought that counts.

Source: Dispatch