HyunA Just Revealed Her Diet Meal—And It’s Astonishingly Small

She compared it to her hand.

HyunA is known for her gorgeous looks and fit body. She is always one of the singers netizens point to when mentioning sexy idols.

The soloist recently revealed the diet meal that she follows to retain her physical appearance.

Her Instagram post on April 12 showcased a tiny carton of brown rice, vegetables, and two pieces of sausage.

All in all, it was so tiny that the meal could fit in her hand.

A number of comments on the post noted how small the portions were and how they hoped HyunA could eat more.

This is not the first time fans were worried for the singer’s health. HyunA posted a photo of her weighing scale in 2018, showing that she’s only 43.1 kilograms (95 lbs) despite being 164 cm (5 ft 4 in).

She reassured fans that she’s exercising well and eating healthy.

HyunA Responds To Fans Concerned About Her Weight

Source: Instagram