HyunA Once Went Out Topless During A Los Angeles Vacation—And There Are Photos To Prove It

She later discussed why she did it on national TV.

HyunA is known as a risk-taker and rule-breaker. From performing shirtless to flipping her skirt, she’s not afraid to do what makes her happy.

Back in 2017, during an appearance on JTBC Entertainment‘s Knowing Bros, HyunA shared the story of how she traveled to Los Angeles to party with her American friends and enjoy her youth. It was there that she decided to shoot the cover of her EP A+.

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The EP, which was released in 2015, featured photos of the singer completely topless in the album’s jacket.

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She explained to the hosts that her choice to go topless for the album jacket was to break free from oppression.

I’m at my most beautiful age right now, but why am I being so oppressed?


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HyunA went on to say that being able to do things her way was really fun for her. The hosts on the show, including Kang Ho Dong, were openly supportive of her after she expressed her feelings.

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HyunA has always been a strong, bold woman, and we’re glad that during all these years working in the industry, she has been steadfast in remaining true to herself.

Watch the whole clip of her 2017 appearance on Knowing Bros below: