Hyuna Proves to Be a Badass With Painful New Piercings

The new piercings are very “Hyuna”.

Hyuna recently surprised fans with new photos revealing piercings that must have been very painful to get.

The photos show Hyuna looking gorgeous as ever, but there was something else that stood out about them.

Hyuna now has piercings on both her collarbones and seeing from the redness around them, they appear to be quite recent.

Along with many comments commending Hyuna for her bold piercings, one fan expressed her admiration for how brave she was to go through with it.

Gasp…! I still haven’t gathered up the courage to do that because it looks so painful. You’re so cool, Unnie. You do everything that’s cool.

– Fan

And Hyuna responded to the fan, telling her to do whatever makes her happy.

Do whatever makes you happy and live a joyful and healthy life.

– Hyuna

Well, the queen has spoken.

And her new piercings suit her very well!



Source: Dispatch