HyunA Reveals Why She And Dawn Can Never Really Have A Real Fight Like Other Couples Do

They’re too in love, aww!

In the latest episode of Knowing Bros, K-Pop’s most iconic couple HyunA and Dawn appeared together and spilled some never-shared-before details about their sensational relationship!


When the show hosts asked the lovebirds if they ever have fights like other couples, HyunA commented, while she does get mad at Dawn from time to time…


… it never turns into a full-on argument because Dawn lets HyunA win!

I’d get all worked up thinking we’re going to have a fight… but it never works out that way because he lets me win.

— HyunA


According to HyunA — and Dawn himself — Dawn is the more understanding one in the relationship, who doesn’t get mad at his girlfriend that easily.

I’m not really the type to get mad.

— Dawn


Plus, HyunA added, Dawn is actually a lovey-dovey snuggle bug when he’s away from the cameras…


He’s a huge love bug though. When there aren’t cameras around, he gets really touchy feely with me. Plus, his aegyo amplifies… like, he baby talks to me and… And he loves to shower me with kisses, so…

— HyunA


… which would obviously make it hard for the couple to stay upset for more than a split second!


Watch the full clip here: