Hyuna Once Smacked a Fan Because of the Lengths He Took to Take Good Photos of Her

Hyuna smacked the fan HARD.

Despite having been a star for a long time, Hyuna is famous for continuously expressing her love for fans through social media as well as physical gatherings.

As a result, an incident that occurred 2 years back on her birthday has resurfaced in online communities.

At the time, Hyuna threw a small birthday party with some of her biggest fans.

And that’s where Hyuna learned about how far a fan went just to take nicer photos of her.

During a playful chat, a fan confessed that he bought a long-range camera, but what shocked Hyuna was when it was revealed just how much he spent on it.

When another fan next to the devoted fan confessed, “It costs as much as a used car“, Hyuna gasped and opened her eyes wide.

She was so shocked that she exclaimed, “Are you crazy?” and smacked the fan from behind.

The fan was scared of the scolding and immediately ran away from the scene.

Hyuna was so upset about her fan having spent so much money that she mumbled, “You should just take photos with your phones…

But not even Hyuna could deny that the long-range cameras take spectacular photos, so she expressed her gratitude at the same time.

Is that what you used to take photos in Busan? Those were really nice photos.

– Hyuna

Fans are responding to the past incident with comments such as “This proves just how much Hyuna loves her fans“, “Hyuna has so much affection for fans“, and “I’m glad I decided to become Hyuna’s fan“.

Source: Insight