Fans Hope HyunA And This 4th Gen Idol Finally Reunite During Promotions

They first met at HyunA’s fansign.

Soloist HyunA has blown her fans away with her recent comeback Nabillera.

The catchy, upbeat track perfectly encapsulates all of HyunA’s charisma and talent.

Since HyunA will be promoting her new album on music shows, many fans are hopeful that the idol might have a reunion with one of her truly dedicated fans…

HyunA and Isa

STAYC‘s Isa.

| @stayc_highup/Instagram

Before Isa debuted as an idol, she attended one of HyunA’s fansigns in Busan. At the time, she confessed to HyunA that she also dreamed of becoming an idol. And in support, HyunA signed Isa’s album with “See you in Seoul!”

| @_staycgirls/Twitter 

Since her debut in STAYC, Isa has been a successful fan after dancing to HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” on Weekly Idol. When the hosts suggested that HyunA might see the cover, Isa sent a sweet message to her idol.

Hyuna sunbaenim, if you ever watch this video, please remember STAYC’s Isa. I love you!


Isa’s video message for HyunA | @_staycgirls/Twitter 

HyunA noticed Isa’s shoutout, liking a post of Isa’s video message on Instagram.

HyunA (@hyunah_aa) liked a post of STAYC’s Isa. | @hyuna.retro/Instagram

Since then, fans have been eager for an interaction between the two idols, and with STAYC also actively promoting their new mini album WE NEED LOVE

Fans are hopeful that they might finally see the two interact in person for the first time since the fansign.

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