STAYC’s Isa Is One Of HyunA’s Most Successful Fans, And Here’s Why

We hope the two reunite soon!

STAYC‘s Isa is a huge fan of HyunA and has looked up to the idol for years!

Isa from STAYC. | @stayc_official/Twitter

In the group’s episode of IDDP, Isa confirmed that she once attended HyunA’s fansign in Busan. She told HyunA that she dreamed of becoming an idol so HyunA wrote, “See you in Seoul,” on her album!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Isa’s members got goosebumps while listening to the story, but that wasn’t all! There’s even a video from the time Isa met HyunA. Isa couldn’t help but get embarrassed while watching the video where she gave HyunA a hair tie and took a selfie with her!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

The staff asked Isa if she ever met HyunA again and Isa sadly replied that they haven’t been able to meet. However, the staff said they’ll get to meet soon — and they may have been right!

| 1theK Originals/YouTube 

Just a few days later, STAYC appeared on Weekly Idol where Isa talked about her admiration for HyunA again. A fan sent in a request for Isa to dance to “Bubble Pop,” HyunA’s hit song from 2011. Isa is actually the same age now as HyunA was when she released this song: 19 years old!

| Weekly Idol/MBC 

After she aced her dance cover, Kwanghee and Eunhyuk, the hosts, brought up her fansign with HyunA again. Kwanghee even said that HyunA might watch Isa’s dance cover and ask her for a collaboration, which had Isa super excited!

| Weekly Idol/MBC 

Isa sent a short but sweet message to her idol asking her to remember her if she sees this video.

Hyuna sunbaenim, if you ever watch this video, please remember STAYC’s Isa. I love you!

— Isa

| Weekly Idol/MBC 

While we don’t know whether HyunA got in touch with Isa after the episode aired, she definitely noticed her. A fan account for HyunA on Instagram posted a clip of Isa’s video message and HyunA herself liked the post!

HyunA (@hyunah_aa) liked a post of STAYC’s Isa. | @hyuna.retro/Instagram

Fans are hoping that the two can reunite soon, this time as two idols! HyunA is currently promoting her single “Ping Pong” with DAWN and STAYC just released their comeback, “Stereotype.” So hopefully Isa and HyunA can meet up at a music show and maybe even do dance challenges together!

Source: Weekly Idol and 1theK Originals