Hyundai Cannot Get Enough Of BTS’s Jin Napping Hard In The Back Of A Santa Fe

“Worldwide Handsome needs his beauty sleep.”

BTS and Hyundai have become somewhat inseparable, especially since the group’s endorsement of the motor group’s SUV model “Palisade” in early 2019.


And these two super brands’ latest collaboration came in an episode of Bon Voyage 4, when Jin fell sound asleep in the back of Hyundai’s Santa Fe vehicle.


As the one and only Worldwide Handsome napped away, Hyundai found much joy in his comfort. The motor group logged in to all of their official social media accounts and shared the most precious moment!


ARMYs find it cheeky how Hyundai got hyped about sponsoring that smooth sail for Jin. Plus, all the hype is starting to leave them convinced; That Santa Fe must have been cozy AF!

I didn’t notice while I was watching the episode, but Hyundai made me realize how cozy their vehicles look. LOL.

— Intrigued Netizen


Of course, Jin’s power nap isn’t the only thing that got Hyundai extra-excited. Here’s Jin & Suga‘s car-aoke time on a different Hyundai brand Twitter account:


And Jin’s brief Santa Fe review hung proud on Hyundai’s Instagram:

Santa Fe is a really nice car, actually!

— Jin


And bits of their drive through New Zealand in a red Santa Fe pretty much taking over Hyundai’s YouTube channel:


So… is that Santa Fe kind of cute like Jin or what?