Hyundai Reveals Why They Chose To Work With BTS And What Kind Of Future They Hope To Make Together

BTS and Hyundai both strive towards the same values for the future.

On July 31, Hyundai Motor Group posted an interview through their official Twitter revealing the company’s experience working with global K-Pop group BTS. Let’s take a look at what the process was like for Hyundai.

Please explain the global campaign that Hyundai is working on with BTS.

We first released a video titled Presents for the Earth on April 22. This was a part of the global campaign that we were working on with BTS. In order to understand the entire campaign and the message, you first need to understand the vision of Hyundai as a brand.

What’s the background story of partnering with BTS?

Hyundai’s progress towards humanity can be summarized in three different ways: clean mobility, freedom in mobility, and connected mobility. In order to convey this message more intuitively, we launched the Because of You campaign.

The collaboration with BTS is one part of this campaign. BTS has a tremendous influence in the world today and are well-known for their positive messages. We thought that BTS was the perfect candidate to be the messenger and convey the vision of Hyundai.

Are there any values or visions that Hyundai and BTS share?

Collaborating with artists must always be taken with caution and trust must be the most important factor rather than popularity or influence. BTS and Hyundai’s vision are the same as Hyundai is the forefront of building a society that consumes clean energy and hydrogen fo the human race. BTS held the LOVE MYSELF campaign and have also spoken about it at the UN conference. They are artists that spread positive messages to the people and the fans are influenced by their vision and work together to make changes.

Hyundai also held a campaign with BTS regarding COVID-19. How did that come about?

BTS revealed that they wanted to spread messages of hope and positivity during this time. We worked together to start the #DarkSelfieChallenge as a way to spread the message of the importance of staying at home.

Are there any other collaboration contents you are preparing with BTS?

We are working on making contents using BTS’s music skills and Hyundai’s eco-friendly vision. Hyundai will continue to release different activities and campaigns to promote eco-friendliness and sustainability with BTS.

Stay tuned for more collaborations with Hyundai and BTS as they continue to be the pioneers in their respective fields for the future!

Source: hmg journal