Icelandic Singer Received An Instagram DM From BTS’s V And Fans Can’t Keep Calm

Mr. social butterfly!

Laufey, a famous singer from Iceland, took fans by surprise when she revealed that BTS member had personally reached out to her on Instagram.

Laufey is known for her unique soundscape that she often describes as modern jazz, a mix of jazz-pop and bedroom pop. The touch of classical instrumentation and progressions in her tracks brought the public’s attention to her work during the early years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

| @laufey/Instagram

As a known lover of classical and jazz music, it was hardly surprising for anyone when V expressed his appreciation for Laufey’s music. The first time he mentioned the artist publicly was back in 2022 when he recommended her track “Like The Movies” to a fan on Weverse. Around the same time, he had also used the same song for one of his Instagram stories. The artist responded by thanking him, and after this indirect interaction, Laufey started following V on Instagram.

V continued to show his appreciation for Laufey’s music, as fans noticed that he had interacted with multiple posts of her live performance on her Instagram feed.



Screengrab | Twitter
Screengrab | Instagram

A now-resurfacing clip from Laufey’s TikTok has gained new traction from ARMYs. A few months after their short interactions, the singer revealed that V had sent her a direct message on Instagram back in February, around the time when she started following him. His message was short and sweet: a simple greeting followed by a smiling emoji. She had responded in the same manner.

This old TikTok is garnering attention anew because of the ongoing rumor that V is gearing up to release his solo album soon. Given their multiple interactions and the shared taste in musicality, ARMYs are speculating that V’s album might have a song featuring Laufey!

Though all these are just assumptions and rumors, fans are genuinely hoping that they get to hear these two artists on the same track someday.