Which Iconic Girl Group Is TXT Taehyun’s Favorite?

All MOA know this girl group.

During one of TXT‘s fan sign events, Taehyun ended up revealing which girl group is his favorite, thanks to a lucky fan’s curiosity.


For MOA and Twitter user @txtsIoona‘s video call with Taehyun, they asked the idol if there was a single rookie girl group that took the crown as his favorite.

At first, Taehyun couldn’t recall any rookie groups that caught his attention. He lost himself in thought after saying, “I don’t know…” He then named a girl group that was super familiar to fans.

Rather than naming a rookie group, Taehyun named a veteran one as his favorite. With a bright smile, he announced, “I love TWICE.

Since TWICE is a major girl group beloved by many, it makes sense why Taehyun is loving them too. There was another reason why his choice fit so well, though.

Between TWICE showing their love for the group’s cute mistakes and the TXT members’ kind interactions with their seniors, the two groups are so lovable together fans wish they were friends. TXT have danced to TWICE’s songs numerous times.

Taehyun didn’t even let Na Young Suk PD finish counting before immediately recognizing Nayeon.

It looks like he’s making part of that dream come true. Check out Taehyun revealing that he’s a ONCE.