Here Is The Ideal Debut Combination For “Boys Planet” As Chosen By Korean Netizens

It’s not just about the “Top 9” in votes.

The competition gets fiercer, with Boys Planet eliminating half their participants in the latest episode. A total of 9 boys will be making their debut with the team. While votes definitely play a huge part in the grand scheme of things, Korean netizens have put together an “ideal combination” of 9 members that they feel bring a great synergy as a group. The community post detailing the selected 9 hit over 120,000 views, with majority of upvotes expressing their support for this combination.

1. Park Jihoo

A trainee under H1GHER Music, he was born in 2006!

2. Yoo Seungeon

Part of the super strong Yuehua Entertainment team, he was born in 2004.

3. Moon Junghyun

Born in 2005, he comes from WAKEONE Entertainment.

4. Ma Jingxiang

An individual trainee from China, the 2004-er has been sweeping up hearts.

5. Han Yujin

One of the top favorites, he’s the youngest in the show at only 16 years of age.

6. Kim Gyuvin

Along with Han Yujin, he’s been picked as a visual favorite.

7. Sung Hanbin

The current top-ranked trainee, his debut is a sure lock at this rate.

8. Zhang Hao

The gentle violinist hails from a music education background in China.

9. Lee Jeonghyun

An all-rounder, he’s been silently climbing up the charts.

An edit of them from netizens shows the potential visual picture these nine contestants would paint together.

This combination is not reflective of the current top 9 rankings from the latest (fourth) episode.

Source: Nate Pann

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