Idol Lines Up Among Fans To Take Photos With His Own Ad

Sneaky! ๐Ÿคฃ

In recent years, visiting and taking photos with an idol’s ad has become common for fans.

Whether it is an ad made by yourself, by a fellow fan, or by a company, the happiness of seeing your idol’s picture on a giant billboard, especially when it represents all the hard work done by your idol, simply cannot be expressed in words.

Now, imagine yourself seeing your idol’s vlog and realizing your idol was right by you when you went to take photos of their ad!

Xiao Zhan taking photo of his ad among fans | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

This happened to fans of Xiao Zhan, one of the current top idols in China, when a vlog of the star enjoying some free time in Shanghai was released.

Xiao Zhan in Shanghai | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

For one of his stops, he visited his own Gucci ad!

Xiao Zhan visiting his ad | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

As seen in the vlog, there were fans taking photos of and with the ad while Xiao Zhan visited.

Xiao Zhan visiting his ad | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

As a result, he even had to line up and wait for his turn, unbeknownst to the fans who were there.

Xiao Zhan visiting his ad | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

Checking in at night. If you have to line up, then you have to line up.

– Xiao Zhan’s vlog

Xiao Zhan visiting his ad | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

In the end, Xiao Zhan successfully took photos of his ad and “escaped” without anyone knowing what happened!

Xiao Zhan visiting his ad | ่‚–ๆˆ˜ๅทฅไฝœๅฎค/Weibo

Check out his entire vlog below!


Source: Weibo