SF9’s Chani Has Been Sweeping Fans Up Since He Was In Kindergarten

A certified noona-killer

SF9‘s Chani has been signing autographs for fans since he was a kid. A video of him signing autographs on the floor as a kid resurfaced on Twitter on the 5th of June, saying “the 8 year old (korean age) Kang Chani signing an autograph on the floor and the unnie that took our a pen at the speed of light is super funny..”

Chani was apparently popular as an ulzzang kid after he acted in a few dramas as a kid, such as “To the Beautiful You” (2012), “The Innocent Man” (2012) and “The Queen’s Classroom” (2013). He was apparently so popular as Daejeon Dunwon Elementary School’s ulzzang, that the upperclassmen noonas from the high school divisions would ask him for autographs.

Chani had a kids fancafe where photos of him reading fan letters in 2007 was uploaded. The fancafe was around since 2003, when he was a mere three years old. As a kindergartener, he even thought that every kindergarten kid had a fancafe like him with noonas that would cheer them on.

All’s well that ends well it seems, as the 20 year old Chani now has proper fansigns to attend as a member of SF9!


Source: theqoo