Lovelyz’s Stylists Are Getting Praised For The Most Unexpected Reason

This idol group doesn’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions.

There are many performances where female members look uncomfortable in their stage outfits, seen pulling down short skirts to prevent being exposed. In particular, Red Velvet‘s Irene seems to suffer from this problem.


Lovelyz‘s stylist is gaining praise for always dressing them in clothes that are not only cute but seem comfortable for the members—that is, not super short and sexy.


The skirts are always at an appropriate length…


Or, if they are very short skirts, they’re insured against potential slips with safety pants or plain gym shorts.


The members never seem scared of a wardrobe malfunction or self-conscious during their live performances.


And they always look stylish and cute.


Their outfits always suit the choreography, with a clear consideration of the amount of jumping or ground work required.


Netizens are calling for other girl groups’ stylists to use Lovelyz’s wardrobe as an example of sensible costumes.

  • “They still look really pretty so there’s no need to wear something that they’re uncomfortable in.”
  • “Can other girl group stylists see this and learn…”
  • “This way they can move as much as they want without being scared.”
  • “This is the new term of Lovelyz ‘s style. Too many people in my country always asked why Lovelyz didn’t try a sexy concept bcuz it can make them more popular, and I’m so glad they don’t do sexy or girl crush bcuz this is Lovelyz. The girls match with lovely and bright songs and fashion like this. Not too sexy but both cute and sexy in the same time. Totally tropical house for summer and Lovelyz nail it all.”


Check out Lovelyz’s comeback stage for their most recent example of beautiful, comfortable stage outfits: