Idol groups are avoiding having to compete against BTS’ comebacks

Male group BTS has become so popular that some groups are now planning around their schedule.

An industry representative recently revealed that entertainment companies strictly plan their artists’ releases to avoid competing with the popular idol group BTS. The group has had several successful comebacks throughout their debut and their popularity continues to rise with each comeback, making them a group that many other groups want to avoid competing against. 2016 was a record-breaking year for BTS, and it is expected that the group will continue to break more records with their next comeback.

“Other companies are paying close attention to BTS’s album release date and some singers are trying to actively avoid them”

An insider with information on the group’s agency Big Hit Entertainment recently revealed that BTS would be having a comeback in February, with the album being an extension of their Wings albums. There has not been a confirmation on the exact date of the comeback, or how many new songs will be featured on the album but fans are already looking forward to the new release.

2017 is already a very busy year for the idol group as their world tour WINGS is set to begin in Seoul next month as well and will last throughout April.


Source: Yonhap News