Here’s The Idol IU Predicted Would Become A Star—Even When He Was Just A Child

She knew he would be successful and gave him two important gifts.

As a talented singer and actress, IU proved that she’s able to see that same talent in others by predicting that a child would eventually become an idol.


That child grew up to become a member of Starship Entertainment‘s boy group CRAVITY and recently told the story of how IU inspired him.

CRAVITY | @CRAVITYstarship/Twitter

The idol was Wonjin, who met IU when he was a young actor and even starred alongside NCT DREAM‘s Jisung. During the group’s interview with TIDAL, he recalled their meeting and IU gifting him a copy of her album Last Fantasy. That wasn’t the only gift IU gave Wonjin.

I was actually a child actor, and I personally met IU in the waiting room as a kid during a shoot, and she gave me that album.

— Wonjin

Wonjin | @CRAVITY_twt/Twitter

Last Fantasy was an album that Wonjin held dear because of IU’s inspirational words to him—which predicted he would join her on stage as an idol later in his life.

She said, ‘I’ll see you on stage down the road.’ That was, like, empowering to me as a kid.

— Wonjin

| @kpop_sbs/Twitter

Through hard work, Wonjin did indeed make IU’s prediction come true. Now he’s standing on stage as CRAVITY’s Wonjin, delivering vocals and serving looks.

Source: TIDAL