Idol School’s Dark Horse Candidate Lee Sae Rom Is Someone You Should Be Watching

Lee Sae Rom came into Mnet‘s Idol School as a virtually unknown contestant, but she’s slowly becoming a fan favorite.

When her profile was first released, she gained a lot of attention for her visuals.

Birthday: January 7, 1997
Blood Type: B
Motto: “Happiness is a habit.”

It turns out, before joining idol school, Lee Sae Rom was a model!

And appeared in a promotional video for Korea customs service.

She was also a contestant on Dancing 9, where she showcased her incredible dancing skills.

But because of her relatively unknown status, she didn’t debut in the top 10 rankings when the pilot episode aired. 

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As she showed more of her unique charms and talents, however, she slowly gained more and more live votes.

By the end of episode 2, she was part of the top 10!

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During episode 3, she even earned the “killing part” for her group’s cover of BLACKPINK’s “Whistle,” proving her undeniable charms.

From virtually unknown to a real frontrunner, Lee Sae Rom is definitely an Idol School member that has the potential to be a top star in the industry. 

Watch her full performance of BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” below:

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