Here Are The 3 Steps Your Idol Has To Go Through Just To Send A Single Message On Dear U. Bubble

Security is tight, even for idols.

Since we’ve mostly only been on the fan’s end of Dear U. Bubble messages, you might be wondering just how the system works. While other idols have previously shared with fans how they read the messages from fans, VERIVERY‘s Yongseung is the first to show fans the steps idols have to take to send a message with the new app updates.

The steps are in place to ensure that the idol does not end up sending anything by mistake. Firstly, after the idol inputs the message as per usual, the message is reflected in a light grey bubble. This has not yet been sent out. Sent messages are reflected in dark grey.

| theqoo
  • “I took screenshots to show you guys how I send Bubbles.”
  • “But the screenshot warning popped up.”
  • “Step 1.”
  • “The messages to be sent will appear in grey.”
  • “Once you’re all done writing, click the button that says send the queued messages.”

The button for sending queued messages is in orange. That’s not the end though. Next, the idol is brought to a preview page where they can see how the messages will appear to fans. After they are really, really sure, they may click the orange button again.

| theqoo
  • “Step 2.”
  • “They provide a preview and you can check over again.”

Lastly, for a good measure, the app will ask them one final time if they want to sent the message. To which, they just have to click the confirm button.

| theqoo
  • “Do you want to send the Bubble?”
  • “Once you confirm, the messages will be sent to all the subscribers all at once.”

Did you ever imagine that this was how idols have been sending Bubbles? Many an idol have fallen from grace due to mistakenly sent or posted items on social media. It looks like Dear U. Bubble is taking every step possible to protect the idols!

Source: theqoo