Idols Can’t Help Smiling When Fans Do This Cheesy Trick At Fansigns

“I’ll show you something pretty…”

Fans are always looking for new ways to make idols laugh at fan meetings, and this cheesy trick never fails to get a reaction.


While some fans go to great lengths to bring a smile to their idol’s face, a simple, handheld mirror could have a similar effect!


At a fan sign, this fangirl told EXO‘s Lay that she was attending the event with her boyfriend. When Lay glanced around for her boyfriend, the fan took a mirror and showed Lay his reflection!


Lay’s reaction was delayed, but once he started smiling he just couldn’t stop.


This fangirl did the same trick, but used a different line. She told Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, “I’ll show you something pretty”, then pulled out a mirror. Taeyeon tried to keep a straight face, but totally failed in the end!


Like Taeyeon, Seohyun‘s face lit up when a fan showed her her own beautiful reflection…


…but so far, no one seems to have enjoyed this trick quite as much as Suzy did!


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