This Hilarious Fangirl Came For Ong Seongwoo’s Heart, But Stole Everyone Else’s Instead

This fangirl is already a legend.

One spunky Wannable is on her way to becoming a legend in the Wanna One fandom thanks to her absurdity and pure guts.


While oddball fans are nothing new for the K-Pop fandom, only the boldest and bravest ones earn a place in the Fan Hall Of Fame.

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On July 31, Wanna One held a fansign event in Seoul, hosted by Shinhan Bank. During this meeting, one extra AF fangirl stole the spotlight by putting on a hilarious performance for the Wanna One members.


When it was her turn to meet the boys, this fangirl danced her way down the signing table while dressed in a bright yellow tracksuit with an Ong Seongwoo sign strapped to her back.


This show was all for her bias…


…but she ended up winning the hearts of nearly every single Wanna One member, and even their staff!


As soon as the fangirl busted a move, everyone burst out laughing.


Some members even applauded!


They loved every second of it!


Only Bae Jinyoung was unaffected by the fan’s wild display. He didn’t seem to know how to react to her!


Wanna One has encountered a number of problems with sasaeng fans both in private…

Wanna One Sasaeng’s Hotel Raid Goes Viral, Agency Declares No More Tolerance


…and in public.

In this clip, Wanna One’s manager pushes away the group of bootsoonies, a type of sasaeng that focuses on getting physical with idols by closely following them everywhere.


Given how much negative press Wanna One fans have gotten, this Ong Seongwoo fangirl is a fresh of breath air. Her comical and respectful interaction with Wanna One is a good example for fans everywhere!

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