B.I’s Departure From iKON May Drastically Affect Their Music

They’ve lost their leader and their songwriter.

B.I‘s sudden departure has left iKONICs shaken and iKON‘s future uncertain.


On June 12, B.I’s contract with YG Entertainment was terminated as a result of B.I’s drug scandal. Following Dispatch‘s report on B.I’s alleged LSD and Marijuana purchases from 2016, he admitted his fault in an apology letter to fans.

It is true that I had previously wanted to rely on things that I should not have even had interest in because I was having such a difficult and rough time. But I was not even able to do it because I was afraid.

— B.I


B.I’s scandal and departure are expected to have a major impact on his former group. Not only has iKON lost their leader, they’ve also lost an extremely talented composer. As of June 2019, the Korea Music Copyright Association has 53 songs listed under B.I’s name, and six of those songs are number one hits.


B.I has been heavily involved in iKON’s music production since the beginning. He is credited with writing and producing every single track on their 2015 debut album, Welcome Back.


Just within the past year, B.I wrote the music and lyrics for 22 iKON songs, including their smash hits, “Love Scenario” and “I’m Ok”. His artistry is an integral part of iKON’s music, and its absence could potentially change iKON’s entire sound.


In his absence, the responsibility of creating iKON’s music may fall almost entirely on Bobby. Like B.I, Bobby has been one of iKON’s most involved songwriters since debut. He currently has over 60 songs credited to his name, and he co-wrote all the tracks on Welcome Back with B.I.

Source: Korea Music Copyright Association.

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