iKON Bobby’s Past Interview Resurfaces After News Of His Marriage

Congrats to Bobby once again!

With the recent news of iKON Bobby’s marriage, a past interview resurfaced online, gaining much attention. In his Instagram post, he revealed to fans that he would be getting married and become a father in September.

| @bobbyindaeyo/Instagram

After hearing the happy news, a 2018 interview with Naver V Live OSEN channel’s Star Road, Bobby held a 30 question Q & A. When asked what his ideal type was, he answered, “My ideal type, whether it’s a guy or a girl, is someone who works hard in their field.”

| @bobbyindaeyo/Instagram

When asked what his childhood dream was growing up, Bobby answered, “Before going into kindergarten, my dream was to become a pilot.” He then continued, “But now my dream is to be a singer, and a good father next.”

Netizens that read this interview felt that he would become a good father to his child.

  • “He’s going to be a great dad.”
  • “I only wish him happiness.”
  • “Congrats on becoming a dad!”

Congrats again to Bobby!

Source: insight