IKON’s Bobby Has One Of The Purest Childhoods Ever—Here’s Why

Just wholesome 💯

iKON‘s Bobby has one of the purest pre-debut pasts in the entire entertainment industry!

In a recent video with 1theK Originals, Bobby read and reacted to online comments and articles about himself. One such post described his extremely wholesome past—that he had managed a Jr. Naver Animal Farm!

As a tremendous number of past photos were found by fans, he gained the nickname “Kim-Revealed”. The record of him managing a Jr. Naver Animal Farm was also revealed.

— Online post

Although it has since shut its doors, Jr. Naver Animal Farm was once a popular online game where children could raise animals, farm on their land, and buy items from shops. For many people, it was their gateway into the world online.

| Londell.Tistory

Upon reading the post, Bobby laughed at how the past that they revealed was all positive.

At that time, all my past records were revealed. But they only revealed good things. I mean, I never did anything in the past. I only played basketball and stuff.

— Bobby

He then read aloud some of the messages he wrote in his Jr. Naver account.

Today, I woke up in the morning, ate breakfast, took a shower, went to church to do community service, played games on my computer, and fell asleep at night.

— Bobby

It was a perfectly normal diary! Many of his posts were directed towards his aunt. In one, he even formed an adorable rabbit out of parentheses and added it to his sentence.

Auntie, I love you. Auntie, hello. This is Jiwon. I’m so bored, I can’t even argue with you.

— Bobby

He explained that, at the time, he had a difficult time adapting to life in the United States, so he channeled his thoughts into online posts.

Right, at that time, when I couldn’t adapt myself in the US, I remember saying that to my auntie. I made so many comments to my auntie. Ah, I must have loved my auntie so much.

— Bobby

Not only did Bobby manage his own animal farm, he also wrote many sweet messages to his loved one. It’s confirmed—he has one of the purest childhoods out there!

Learn more about Bobby in the full video below.

Source: 1theK Originals