iKON’s Jay And Song Shook Everyone To The Core Making Their Return To Twitter

Song and Jay took over trends worldwide with their return:

After joining Twitter about 2 years ago, iKON‘s Jay and Song haven’t been very active on the site. Previously, Song had tweeted three times since joining and as for Jay, well, fans had long suspected he set up his account and then had promptly forgotten the password! Now, however, Song and Jay decided to give fans the ultimate reason to celebrate by rebooting their accounts.

Image: @iKONICzones/Twitter

On February 15, Jay gave iKONICs the best post-Valentine present ever by making his return to Twitter! Greeting fans with a heart-stopping photo before adorably asking for a little bit of help getting used to Twitter, Jay immediately had fans going wild.

iKONIC! Tell me how to use Twitter.

That, however, was just the beginning! A few short hours later and Jay was back, delivering his second tweet inviting fans to catch iKON’s Music Core performance.

With the back-to-back tweets from Jay, iKONICs didn’t hesitate one second to show him a whole lot of love by trending #WelcomeToTwitterJinhwan worldwide!

While celebrations were already in full swing, Song decided to amp them up even further! Following Jay’s surprise return, Song made his own starting with a handsome selca captioned with, “Although I don’t know how to use Twitter…”

Followed by a cute video and the caption, “I’ll try Twitter seriously now.”

As Song served up some sweet tweets, iKONICs quickly showered him with lots of love too, trending the hashtag #WelcomeToTwitterYunhyeong worldwide!

With both Jay and Song active on Twitter, we can’t wait to see even more sweet tweets from them!