iKON’s Jay Has The Most Understandable Reason For Wanting To Sit Next To BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jay’s reason made everyone laugh.

Recently the YouTube channel “The Game Caterers” gathered YG Entertainment artists to film videos while playing games and interacting with each other.

The list of artists included SechskiesJiwonAKMU‘s ChanhyukWINNER‘s Jinu (also known as Jinwoo) and MinoBLACKPINK‘s JennieiKON‘s Jay and Song, and TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk and Jihoon. Featuring a brief appearance from WINNER’s Yoon (also known as Seungyoon).

Some of the games that “The Game Caterers” prepared for the artists to play included the “Ddalgi Game” (also known as the Strawberry Game).

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and WINNER’s Jinu | 채널 십오야/Youtube 

After the Ddalgi Game, the idols played Guess Who, which is essentially giving the name of a person shown in a photograph. The YG Entertainment idols played in sequential order; they would win a prize if they all got their answers right.

And even though the director of “The Game Caterers” promised the idols that the questions would be easy, they still voiced their concern on all being able to answer successfully.

| 채널 십오야/Youtube 

iKON’s Song was worried about WINNER Mino’s knowledge of celebrities after having seen him play the game before.

iKON’s Song | 채널 십오야/Youtube 

Which, Mino agreed was not his specialty.

(left to right) WINNER’s Mino, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, iKON’s Jay | 채널 십오야/Youtube 

After a poor first round, where they don’t make it past the first question, the director offers the idols the chance to switch seats.

iKON’s Song and Sechskies’ Jiwon | 채널 십오야/Youtube 

Sechskies’ Jiwon offers iKON’s Jay the chance to change seats with him and start the game.

| 채널 십오야/Youtube  

But Jay immediately responds with “no.”

| 채널 십오야/Youtube  

Saying that he “[likes] being after Jennie.”

| 채널 십오야/Youtube  

And while BLACKPINK’s Jennie laughs at his answer, iKON’s Jay explains, undeterred, that it’s because he “[thinks] she would get many of [the answers] wrong.”

| 채널 십오야/Youtube   

Which is totally understandable, to not want the stress of having to get the answers correct.

But, of course, both BLACKPINK’s Jennie and iKON’s Jay prove their knowledge by getting the following answers correct.

| 채널 십오야/Youtube  
| 채널 십오야/Youtube  

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