Little Kids Performed “Love Scenario” In Front Of iKON, And The Idols Were Shook

These little kids shocked iKON with their flawless rendition.

iKON‘s “Love Scenario” is so popular among elementary school students that it is being used to help learn writing and history, and is known as the “children’s anthem”.


Kindergarteners are so in love with the song, they know every word and have been caught on video multiple times singing it all together as a group.


The song was even banned from some schools because it was being sung so often by children!

iKON’s “Love Scenario” Is So Popular Among Elementary Students, It’s Now Banned


While the iKON members knew of “Love Scenario”‘s popularity with kids, they hadn’t seen it in action – until they appeared on Idol Room earlier this week. When a group of kindergarteners appeared and began singing the chorus, iKON was overwhelmed with their cuteness.


Like, seriously overwhelmed!


But when the children didn’t stop at the end of the first verse and continued on to begin rapping, B.I and Bobby were completely shook!


Jinhwan and Donghyuk got into it and started dancing along to the kids’s “rap”.


The entire performance was unbelievably cute, but when the kids got to choose the member they liked the most and participate in a dance battle with that member, it was next level adorable (B.I reigned as the “coolest”!)


Netizens can’t believe how cute not only the kids were singing “Love Scenario”, but the members interacting with the kids.


Watch the episode of Idol Room here: