iKON Members Hilariously Reveal How They Cope With COVID-19 Boredom

It involves crying and butter 😂

On the December 21st episode of Vnight from DongDong, all the iKON members made an appearance to talk about a variety of topics. It was here that the boy group revealed some fun stories with their listeners.

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The members of the boy group went around asking questions that were already prepared for them. One of the first questions was related to COVID-19 and how they have been coping with it.

With COVID-19, the time spent inside has increased so how do you guys deal with the boredom?

— Junhoe

To which member Junhoe had a hilarious yet honest answer, which cracked up his fellow members.

I cry.

— Junhoe

Members Yunhyeong and Donghyuk, who was hosting the session with his members added onto Junhoe’s answer, saying that sometimes crying is okay.

You should cry if the crying helps the boredom.

— Yunhyeong


But honestly, he’s right. Sometimes, if you feel like crying, it can help you out and be a solution.

— Donghyuk

Member Chanwoo shared the way he personally has been getting over the COVID-19 boredom.

Mine is a good one. Browse through online shopping sites and buy something, even if it’s only a few dollars. The feeling of waiting for that package while you’re at home helps cheer you up.

— Chanwoo

When member Yunhyeong asked him if he bought anything recently to help cheer him up, Chanwoo answered with the most ridiculously hilarious answer you could think of.

Did you buy anything recently then?

— Yunhyeong


Me? I bought butter.

— Chanwoo

Things took a more serious turn when the iKON members reflected on 2020 and were asked about their future 2021 plans. Member Jinhwan went first by revealing what he wants for the group in the upcoming year.

I hope that we can promote a lot and release a lot of albums.

— Jinhwan

MC Donghyuk added onto what Jinhwan said and responded with some exciting news for all you iKONICs out there.

We already started recording and we’re working hard for our comeback.

— Donghyuk

iKONICs did you hear that? Sounds like the boys of iKON are gearing up for a comeback in the near future! Watch iKON’s entire segment on Vnight from DongDong down below!

Source: The Korea Herald