iKON’s Song Reveals The Best Place To Eat In YG’s Building, And Now We Want To Visit ASAP

It is a hidden gem!

YG Entertainment officially moved from its old headquarters to its new building in September 2020! The building is as grand inside as it is outside, with 14 floors and an interior space ten times larger than their previous home.

The new YG Entertainment building | YG Entertainment

After moving into the building, various YG artists, including iKON and TREASURE, gave fans a small tour of their new home. It was definitely a sight to behold from the unique practice rooms, state-of-the-art gym, and their own hairdressers.

| 찬우살이/ YouTube

In a new video on his YouTube channel, iKON’s Song wanted to take fans deeper into the building. It is no secret that Song loves to cook, so he decided to show one of the building’s best places to eat. Although fans might know about YG’s cafeteria food, Song wanted to show a “hidden gem” in the building, a Vietnamese Pho restaurant called Hanoian.

According to Song, it took the members by surprise but is a place they all go to a lot.

We were also very surprised when we first saw it. The quality of this place is pretty amazing. It’s a place where our iKON members come a lot to eat.

— Song

Song explained that the chef constantly creates new menus and that they are always top quality! After ordering his food, Song spoke to the chef and discussed the various parts of the restaurant. In particular, they discussed the interior, which has a Japanese vibe and makes it easier to serve customers.

Although Song thought the members ate there a lot, even the chef agreed, adding that eldest member Jay was there on the previous day.

As soon as the food arrived, Song couldn’t help but show it off to the fans watching. From Pho to Cha Gio, all Song could say was, “It is so good.

There is no denying that fans were feeling extremely jealous having to watch him eat all that delicious food. In fact, Song had to double-check with his manager that they were still in Korea because he thought they’d traveled to Vietnam.

After eating all that fantastic food, it is no surprise that he felt content with the food and even wanted the chef to teach him some recipes.

With such amazing-looking food, it has to be one of the hottest places to eat in YG, and fans will definitely want the opportunity to eat there as well! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: 송슐랭 가이드 - SONGCHELIN GUIDE and FI


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