iKON’s Song Immersed Himself In Arabic Culture And It’s So Wholesome

We stan a man who likes to educate himself.

iKON’s Song recently delved into Arabic culture through a Q&A session…and it might be the best thing you see today.

He invited his friend Ashwaq from Dubai, who previously interviewed iKON, to teach him a bit about the culture, norms, and of course, the cuisine.

He even introduced himself in Arabic despite having little time to study the language.

I studied arabic two days ago. It’s hard.

— Song

Ashwaq taught him different types of slang younger people use, such as “halla walla” (meaning “hi” in a casual way for friends). He was very into the term “Mashallah” which is used to express joy, using any opportunity to interject the phrase.

iPhone Pro Mashallah!

— Song

Song asked about the standard of beauty and what Arab women find attractive, to which he learned beards and tan skin are much more popular.

He even conducted a tournament to find out which member of iKON is most popular in Arab countries according to the beauty standards (not necessarily who actually has the most fans in these countries).

This is just to find out which type of men are more popular in Arab countries.

— Song

He also made sure to taste some Arabic cuisine, starting with Warak Enab…

…and working his way to Kabsa! In the end, he loved it all.


Watch his full Arabic Q&A session with Ashwaq below!