iKON Song’s High School Friend Revealed He Received Perfect Attendance Award Even As A Trainee

When you hear this story, it’s no wonder he’s successful now!

A highschool friend of iKON’s Song explained how he was able to impressively juggle student and trainee life, despite the hardships he faced.

He started by saying that Song was always very diligent. He would only hang out with his friends responsibly and made sure to never stay out late.

He especially took his exam period seriously where he wouldn’t go out with his friends at all to focus.

During exam time, he won’t hang out for 3 weeks. He is that sharp.

He described how at times he could tell it was difficult for Song to balance his duties as both a student and trainee. Despite being on the edge of giving up, he pushed through.

Not only did Song push through, but he was always in attendance to the extent of receiving the Perfect Attendance Award.

In the middle of the school day, during 3rd period, 4th period, or lunch break, we just skipped class and went to the PC room playing Diablo 3, but he never did. He even received the Perfect Attendance Award. There’s no kids like him.

Song’s work ethic and discipline as both a student and trainee may come as no surprise to fans since that is what lead to his success in iKON in the first place!

Listen to the whole story of Song as a high school student below.