iKON Reveals Their Greatest Wishes…And It’s Absolutely Touching

Let’s hope all of them come true!

The boys of iKON recently took to social media to post their greatest wishes and their sincerity will make you love them even more.

1. Donghyuk

Donghyuk admitted he wants to do good deeds in the name of iKON that would benefit many others.

He even drew a picture of a hospital called “iKON Hospital,” where iKON can help contribute to a better community.

2. Bobby

Bobby, however, focused more on the band themselves.

He would focus on the small details for each member and even gave the example of making Jinhwan a bit taller.

3. Yunhyeong

Yunhyeong‘s wish is about iKONICs…

…and he revealed he wants iKON to have a concert together in a stadium with their fans!

4. Chanwoo

The youngest, Chanwoo, proved his love for his group with his answer.

He wants to spend a week with his members where time has stopped. How sweet!

5. Junhoe

Junhoe‘s answer was more about self-development.

He revealed he wants to meet his past self and look back on his life.

6. Jinhwan

Jinhwan focuses on all of humanity for his wish…

…as he revealed he wants peace for the world!