The Impact Of “The Glory”: Five Celebrities Whose Careers Were Affected By Bullying Accusations

The truth will ultimately prevail.

Netflix‘s K-Drama The Glory has brought attention to the severity and lasting impact of bullying. Many victims have spoken out about the perpetrators from their childhoods—many of them being celebrities. Consequently, numerous celebrities have faced repercussions, including canceled careers, as a result of their victims speaking out in online communities.

Here are five celebrities who have been accused of bullying in the past, leading to repercussions that have affected their careers.

1. Hwang Young Woong

Hwang Young Woong, a trot singer and a contestant on MBN’s reality audition program Fire Trot, was accused of being a bully by not just one victim but many victims, including classmates and past girlfriends.

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One netizen, claiming to be his former classmate, stated that he targeted weak or disabled students and even made an autistic student run errands and buy cigarettes for him. One of his ex-girlfriends reported being strangled, punched in the stomach, and assaulted numerous times, often in public. Another ex-girlfriend from over a decade ago alleged that he threw a shot glass at her without reason.

The news of Hwang Young Woong’s bullying past prompted him to drop out of Fire Trot, relinquishing his first-place position. He took to Instagram to apologize and request forgiveness from those who supported him.

2. Ji Soo

Actor Ji Soo is known for his roles in many K-Dramas and movies such as Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, One Way Trip, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. In 2021, he was accused of committing school violence and bullying other classmates during middle school.

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A netizen, who claimed to be Ji Soo’s former classmate, described being a victim of the actor and his group of delinquent friends, who would beat, curse at, and stomp on their victims. The group would also throw their lunch at other students, and slap and curse at anyone who looked at them. The netizen also claimed Ji Soo would shoot students with a BB gun while laughing a frightening laugh.

After this accusation became public, Ji Soo apologized for his past actions. His agency terminated his contract, and he was dropped from the drama River Where The Moon Rises, which was airing at the time of the controversy. He appeared in the first six episodes until actor Na In Woo replaced him and played his role from episode nine onward. The production company for River Where The Moon Rises sued Ji Soo and his agency for ₩3.00 billion KRW (about $2.27 million USD) for damages, and it was later reported that the agency refused to pay it.

3. Shim Eun Woo

Actress Shim Eun Woo is best known as one of the leading roles in the K-Drama The World of the Married.


In 2021, a former middle school classmate posted on an online community that Shim Eun Woo was a school bully. The victim claimed to have been emotionally abused and ostracized by the actress, although there was no physical violence.

Shim Eun Woo’s agency stated that the actress had a group of friends growing up and the victim was someone who “didn’t get along with” one of the friends in her group. In response, the victim’s sister spoke out, claiming that many people could attest to this incident from 15 years ago.

Eventually, Shim Eun Woo stopped denying the accusations and publicly apologized for her past bullying behavior, expressing regret and apologizing to the victim and her family in person.

4. Yoo Young Hyun

Yoo Young Hyun was a member of the indie rock band Jannabi until he left the group following allegations of bullying.

In 2019, Yoo Young Hyun was accused by a netizen of teasing them by using lighters, putting plastic bags over their face, and tampering with their locker. Additionally, the victim said that Yoo Young Hyun often made fun of them for being a slow speaker, causing the victim to switch schools and seek mental health treatment. Despite these efforts, hearing Jannabi’s music in public spaces, such as cafes, brought back painful memories.

Members of Jannabi | @bandjannabi/Instagram

Yoo Young Hyun’s agency confirmed the accusations and stated that he “deeply regrets his mistakes and is reflecting on his actions.” With Jannabi’s schedule being canceled because of this controversy, the agency eventually announced that Yoo Young Hyun would be suspended from Jannabi’s future activities.

5. Lee Jae Yeong and Lee Da Yeong

Twins Lee Jae Yeong and Lee Da Yeong, former members of South Korea’s national volleyball team, were accused of bullying in an online post.

Lee Jae Yeong (left) and Lee Da Yeong (right) | Yonhap News

At the height of their sports careers, the twins were accused of being bullies on an online post that mentioned four victims who participated in writing the article, but noted that there were more victims involved. The victims claimed that the twins used knives to threaten them if they refused to follow orders, called them “dirty,” and even cursed out their parents. They were also accused of collecting money from victims, pinching their stomachs, and hitting their mouths and heads.

| Sports Chosun

The twins admitted to the accusations and issued apologies on their Instagram accounts before being dropped from the Korean national volleyball team.

Source: Hankyung, Top Star News, Asia Today, Sports Chosun and Ten Asia
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