This Impressive Street Dancer From Busan Just Got Accepted To JYP

A young street dancer with the sickest moves in Busan just impressed JYP into a training contract!

She goes by the nickname of Busan Girl, who’s only in her 2nd year of high school.

But her dance moves are nothing ever seen by a girl her age!

She recently visited the streets of Hongdae to showcase her sick moves.

She completely took the crowd by surprise with her perfect timing and smooth choreography.

After receiving official news that she was accepted into JYP, she returned with her friends to showcase a celebratory performance!

And she proved that even her friends are mega-talented dancers.

All at the young age of 17!

Netizens are curious if she’ll debut in JYP’s upcoming girl group with I.O.I Somi!

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Busan girl will now be training with the likes of many famous JYP trainees!

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Check out some of Busan Girl’s impressive moves below!